For wisdom, learning and knowledge, this blend of lemon, with a citrus orange and a sharp presence of lime, will excite the mind.



This blend attached to the Earth brings prosperity, abundance with the physical, brought together with the lovely scent of pine, eucalyptus a subtle scent of mint with the sweet smell of spearmint.



For passion and energy, you cannot go past this blend of sandalwood and dragons blood to indulge your body into excited overdrive.



Emotions flow, dreaming and that shamanic journey all starts this woody, spicy, haunting smell brought by frankincense added with a warm and slightly musty smell from which myrrh is known for, this will have you on a peaceful journey.

<b>House Blessing:</b>

House Blessing:

A purifying cleanse space in a new house or home, is brought by this unusual mix of coffee and a sharp herbal smell of sage.



Truth and Empowerment are two strong traits brought out by this knockout blend of star anise, clove and the spicy aroma of cinnamon.