Car Diffusers

10ml Car diffusers with 40% Pure Essential Oil, comes in 4 different styles. Wooden, Gold, Silver or Black Top. 


100ml with 40% Pure Essential Oil Diffusers in Black or White with 10 Black or White Reeds

Hand Sanitisers

75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser with 2% Pure Essential Oil in 250ml or 300ml Pet Plastic Pump Bottles. Also in 50ml Roll on. Essential Oil range: Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Peppermint, Rosemary or Sweet Orange

Luxury Vouge Glass

Luxury Frosted Glass in White, Black or Bohemian Midnight Red. Luxury Gloss Black or White. Large Candle Bowl in Clear or Matt black, Also, the Elegant Large Vouge Matt Jar.

Mixed Glass

Mixed Glass in 500ml Clear or Black. 425ml Honey Pot. 340ml Metro Jar. Mixed Glass in 270ml Clear, White or Black

Oils & Wax Melts

Oils for Diffusers or Oil Burners in 15ml, 50ml or 100ml Bottles. Also Wax Melts for Burners.

Palm Pillar

Palm Wax Pillar candles in Square, Small Round, Medium Round, Large Round, Tall Round & Taller Round

Wiccan / Pagan

Wiccan Spell Candles in Travel Tins. Comes in 6 colours and Wiccan/Pagan Aromatherphy Blends. Air-Yellow, Earth-Green, Fire-Red, Water-Blue, House Blessing-White, Wyrdsisters-Orange