Design your own Candle Corporate Branding

Please provide the following information in the form below to make designing your own candle branding a lot easier!
Initially we just want to get an idea of your design.
You can upload your logo and we can get labels designed and ready for printing.
We can help you develop your branding, candles, colours, and fragrances before we produce them for you.

Examples that we have done
Daymaker Espresso (Miami)

The local coffee shop wanted to do a range to on-sell with other products, so we took there logo and incorporated it into a 15 candle range.
500 Black, Clear, 250ml Black, Clear and Travel tin with blends of Coffee&Vanilla, Coffee&Coconut and House Blend (Coffee and Sage)



Elevar Furniture Desks

They wanted to do team building exercises with their resellers, so together we designed using the make your own candle kits.
We ran a candle making instruction course for their sales people that would run the exercises.
They chose their colour range from the tealight samples, they then decided on 5 fragrances to use in the kits (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Peaceful & Magical Blends)
So they can take a number of kits, the tealight colour samples and the fragrances, the team can chose their 270 Clear or White Glass,
pick the colour & fragrance they want and make their own candle to take home, so each candle can be totally different.


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