Other good advice including wax cleaning and removal tips.

Most coloured candles contain oil soluble dye. It is possible for this dye to leach from the candle into surfaces on which they are placed including plastic and wooden furniture.
As such, ensure that candles placed on furniture are on holders or are plain white to avoid staining.

Wax can be removed from clothing by washing in hot water. Firstly, remove any excess wax with a sharp knife
and then wash in very hot water which liquefies the wax and lifts it from the fabric.
If this fails you can also try boiling a jug of water and carefully pouring it in a reverse direction through the wax stain to lift it.

In the case of a wax stain on carpet, the best method of removal is to soften the wax with boiling water and use a paper towel to lift the soft wax from the pile.
This method works best because the water naturally repels the wax to the surface of the carpet. The water in the carpet is left to naturally dry.
We do not recommend that you use a hot iron and paper as this tends to melt the wax into the fibres.
We find boiling water and paper towel method the best.