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Welcome to Candlesalight for those that knew of our candles in the past, Redhotwicks was the name which we designed and traded under. We sold the business back in 2013 after 17 years of candle making. Therefore, after a break (legality of selling the business) and many many requests to make candles for people, we have restarted under the new name.

So as before, we can make whatever you can think of, i.e. if you want a pink coloured wax with coconut fragrance in a luxury vogue frosted white glass, you can have it. If you want a black and white pillar candle with cedarwood and clove, you can have it. If you want 3 colours in a Honey Pot glass with vanilla, lime, coconut and cherry blossom fragrance, you can have it. We like to think outside of the glass and let you design your own candle.

If we don't have the oil or fragrance we will source it; in a few special cases we have taken an old candle, researched it, found the oils and blended it to the joy of the client.

If you have an old candle glass or container that is an old favourite and you would like it refilled, we can do also that for you.

Have a look through the products and one you have made your mind up, fill in the "design your own candle" form, we will then contact you to confirm your idea and proceed to make your own personal candle.

Therefore our point of difference is, whatever you can think of, we will try to accommodate and make your design.

So nothing is really out of bounds in the design phase :)

We have also created the "Make your own candle", where you can order a kit with one, two or three candles, your choice of colours and fragrances.
This is great for parties or team building exercises.

The kit consists of one, two or three 270ml candle glass in 3 colours (depending on the kit you choose), wax, warning label(s), glove to stop dye or hot wax on your skin, wick(s), wick holder(s), bottle(s) of fragrance, information label(s) and making instructions.
You can also include a melting pot if you don't have one at home for the candle wax to be melted in. 
Order your kit now and make your own candle and have some fun learning. 

We also do corporate branding of candles, we work with your logo and your own product range and Aromatherapy blends. 

About our wicks: We use HTP and CDN natural cotton wicks in our products as these are specially made for Soy and Palm waxes. The wicks are made out of all-natural fibres and contains no lead or other harmful metals. We also use uncoated premium wooden wicks which are primed in the wax at production.

About our waxes: We use Soy wax that contains a soy-based additive that is natural and kosher. Being a natural product, this enables the soy to be poured at a hotter temperature, reducing frosting and increasing fragrance oil load. This enables it to retain a higher fragrance oil load to give you a stronger scent throw. In our pillar candles we use two types of Palm Wax: Starburst,  this Palm Wax solidifies to produce a beautiful starburst-like crystal structure on the outside of the pillar. Feather, this Palm Wax solidifies to produce a beautiful feather-like crystal structure on the outside of the pillar.

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